Rules per say

Laser tag simply consists in shooting as many people as possible. However, there are a few basic rules to respect to play.

Several participants (up to thirty) participate in a battle, doted with fake weapons that beams red light and a body shield that had several receptors.


  • Do not run or play while you are in the stairs.
  • Do not extend your weapon above an obstacle. You might hit another player with it.
  • Do not climb up the walls of the playroom.
  • Do not play bent forward, on your knees or crawling.
  • It is forbidden to roll over or dive forward.
  • Enfin, Les roulades et les plongeons sont également interdits.

Fair Play

Respect fair play. No doubt about this being one of the most important rules for us. When you shoot someone, do not shoot at him again. Let him go and go in the opposite direction. There are plenty of other people to shoot out in the playroom. The playroom can host thirty people, remember ?

As a good sportsman, you won’t protect your stomach receptor with your gun.